Worlwide network

Global Partnership

Through our international network, we support Spanish companies in their internationalization
and the establishment of foreign companies in our country.

Global Broker Network


We're the only member of Global Broker Network in Spain. Global Broker Network is one of the largest international network of independent brokers.

As a member of Global Broker Network we have the ability to manage international insurance thanks to its 5,000 professionals in over 100 countries.

Global Broker Network offers maximum security and competitiveness when it comes to the global management of company insurance. Through the individual members, we gain knowledge of the specifics of each market in which the client operates, which helps ensure compliance with the laws of each country and obtain maximum profitability for the client's business. Another feature of this network is the proximity between broker and client, which makes the management process more dynamic and effective..









Astreos Credit Network


The solution for Trade Credit Insurance, Factoring, Political Risk and Bonding around the world.

Astreos Credit is an international network of independent brokers specialized in Trade Credit Insurance formed by 25 partners. Astreos Credit delivers efficient and consistent service across the world.

We work with the most comprehensive network of underwriters in the world to provide you with adapted solutions in: trade credit insurance, security bonding, cash flow management and political risk insurance.

We nurture win-win relationships with strategic underwriting partners around the world in order to
provide our international client with the best solutions and the best support in the long run.