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Flexible remuneration allows the employee to choose the way he or she wishes to earn the salary, tailoring it to the personal needs. The employee will replace part of its pre-tax remuneration for in-kind remuneration to buy or pay for goods and services that have tax benefits.

The company and the employee can join the program on a voluntary and individual basis. The program brings a reduction of the total payroll cost used to calculate personal income tax and the ability to reduce the tax percentage applied to the employee.

Benefits for the employee:

  • Increases the total net remuneration after tax and expenses
  • Membership is voluntary
  • Significant tax reduction can be achieved
  • Due to group contracting, the employees can obtain rebates when buying goods and services
  • Each employee can tailor its remuneration to its needs
  • Membership brings convenience and time savings

Benefits for the company:

  • Increases the return of the remuneration strategy
  • Can be offered to the whole staff or to special groups
  • It helps in attracting and retaining talent and motivating the workforce
  • It fosters the image of the company
  • Does'nt increase total remuneration expenses
  • It is a tool when negotiating work conditions