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Jori Armengol & Asociados was founded in 1902 in Barcelona by Josep Armengol. The company experienced a great development when -under the name of Agencia Armengol and the direction of his son, Josep Mª Armengol- it became a company specialized in insurance programs for textile companies. Thanks to this expertise the company led the industry for four decades.

In the late 70s, the insurance world suffered a radical transformation. On the one hand, there was the emergence of Mass Market -private insurance- which until then had played a very small part in the business. On the other hand, the arrival of international brokers in the insurance market for the business sector brought the prices down. Unlike other companies with similar characteristics, Jori Armengol & Asociados -led by its current CEO, Amadeu Jori- decided to stand up to competition and adapt its activities to the new situation by starting the process of international expansion.

In order to do that, the company partnered with La Securité Nouvelle (France) and Heath Lambert Group (Great Britain) and became part of the HLA Global Network, which is currently known as Global Broker Network. In 1990 the company opened an office in Madrid in order to offer a more efficient service on a national basis and strengthen the position to the rest of the world.